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7 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your iPad!

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Ways to Speed Up Your iPad!

A lagging and a slow iPad can become our worst nightmare. Everything that we do on the iPad gets delayed because of It getting slowed down. Nevertheless, as the saying goes every problem has a solution, similarly, there are plenty of ways to speed up your iPad. Out of all those ways we have sorted out 7 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your iPad!

All these methods are tried and experimented on a real iPad but a group of experts. So that you do not have to search all over the web to find the best ways to make your iPad fast. Note that if one or more than one method does not work for your iPad, then prefer to show your device to an Apple expert at their store.

7 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your iPad-

Ways to Speed Up Your iPad!
Ways to Speed Up Your iPad!

1. Turn off app notifications

The first and foremost method to speed up your iPad is to turn off all the app notifications. This is because most of the apps are allowed to show notifications at the start of the iPad. This utilizes some amount of the ram in the background.

Moreover, apps with loads of notifications such as social media apps can cause havoc on your screen. Continuous popping up of the notification is one of the reasons for the slowing of your iPad. This is one of the best Ways to Speed Up Your iPad!

2. Soft reboot (Power off and on) & Hard reboot

Sometimes even after multiple tries, we are not able to make the iPad work smoother. And in such cases giving your iPad a soft reboot or even a hard reboot can work magic. (Ways to Speed Up Your iPad)

Simply turn off your device and restart it again, after the device reboots check whether it is working smoother than before or not.


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In certain cases, our iPad gets stuck on a single thing and we are not able to operate on it. Whenever this happens to you the only option that remains is to perform a hard reboot. To do so just hold the power button and the volume button at the same time for 10 to 15 seconds. Your iPad will automatically get rebooted.

3. Turn off animations

Many iPad users are unaware of this feature. Turning on this feature can help in improving your iPad’s overall speed. Moreover, the feature of reducing motion can help in enhancing the overall performance.

Following are the steps to turning off the animations from the iPad setting –

Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Switch ON

Just perform the above-mentioned steps and it will automatically start working on its own. This is one of the best Ways to Speed Up Your iPad!

4. Monitor Battery & Memory Usage

Free up iPad storage space

Monitoring the Battery as well as your memory usage from time to time can help in improving the overall performance of your iPad. There are certain applications that consume more energy than we think they do. Similarly, there are other such files and Photos which can occupy a huge amount of space on your iPad.

In such cases, it is always recommended to free up the storage space from my iPad. Doing so can help in speeding up your iPad.


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The average battery life of an ordinary iPad ranges from 8 to 10 hours. You can monitor the battery usage and keep an eye on the applications that are continuously running in the background. Shutting off the apps from the background can significantly improve the speed of your iPad.

5. Clean up Safari

Safari is the most used app or search engine on the iPad. Almost every person that owns an iPad uses Safari on daily basis. This is the reason why it can be a factor affecting your iPad performance.

So what we can do is clean up the Safari app from time to time in order to maintain the optimum performance. To clear the junk on safari follow the steps mentioned below-

Settings > Safari > Clear History and Data

Moreover, you can clear your cache and cookies from the settings in order to free up the unseen space occupied by these apps. This is one of the best Ways to Speed Up Your iPad!

6. Stop automatic app updates

Ways to Speed Up Your iPad
Ways to Speed Up Your iPad

Apps are set to update on a regular basis whenever the network is available. This in turn can affect your device performance since it consumes a certain amount of ram or memory in the background.

Turn off the automatic app updates by going into the iPad settings. Locate the app store named option and click on it. turn off the automatic updates option. That’s it! You now have successfully stopped the automatic app updates. This Method would probably help you to speed up your iPad.

7. Reset Totally (If Nothing Works)

Ways to Speed Up Your iPad
Ways to Speed Up Your iPad

If any of the above-mentioned ways to speed up your iPad does not work then this is the final remedy. You can reset your iPad totally without deleting your saved photos and files.

The benefit of resetting your iPad is that most of the time it will start working smoother than before. But the drawback of this method is that all the settings will be changed back to the default settings.

Follow the steps mentioned below to reset your iPad-

Go to settings.

Browse the general option.

To the bottom of the screen and click on the transfer and reset button.

Hit the Reset button.

Here is a list of some other methods to boost your iPad speed. Additional ways to speed up older iPad other than that from which are mentioned above-

  1. Keep your iPad updated to the latest version of the iOS software.
  2. Try and Delete the applications that are untouched for months.
  3. Turn off the Background app refresh to fasten up your iPad!

Thanks for Reading- 7 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your iPad!

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