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Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop? 7 Best Reasons to Justify!

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Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop

The latest iPad Pro is more powerful than almost all entry-level laptops. It is packed with loads of unbelievable features which gives it an edge over most laptops. Moreover, the iPad has iOS made chipset which is more suited for editing videos and photos. This and many such features make us wonder- Can iPad Pro replace laptop?

When Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop?

iPad Pro can replace Laptop depending on the features that you expect from it. Each and every person have different expectations, and therefore it depends on you; whether or not the iPad Pro can replace a laptop.

There are plenty of things and areas where the iPad pro easily excels laptop. Below I have mentioned several areas where iPad Pro can replace laptops. Answer to the question- When Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop?

Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop

7 Main Reasons to Justify that iPad Pro can Replace Laptop

There are multiple sectors where iPad Pro can perform far better than a laptop. This is because the iPad Pro is more user-friendly due to its touchscreen feature. Consequently, It results in more accessible access to loads of features and an immersive user experience.

Following is the list of 7 Main Reasons to Justify that iPad Pro can Replace Laptop!

  1. Writing an article or any office-related stuff.
  2. Playing Games.
  3. Editing Videos and Photos.
  4. Designing Artistic materials such as logos, banners, and drawings.
  5. Exploring the Web.
  6. Reading and editing pdfs and books.
  7. Checking your social media handles such as Instagram, Twitter, Mail, etc.


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It Depends on Your Requirements-

If you are a school-going student then you probably need an iPad for reading purposes. In this case, the iPad proves to be better than the laptop.

If you need an iPad for office purposes such as filling excel sheets or making presentations. Then iPad comes in handy. Since the interface of the iPad is easy to use when compared to a laptop.

When Can’t iPad Pro Replace Laptop?

As we saw in the above paragraphs that there are certain areas where the iPad is superior to a laptop. In contrast, there are certain areas where the iPad isn’t that effective.

To mention a few places where iPad Pro lags behind the laptop-

  • Making immersive presentations with better editing options.
  • Higher portability and ease of access.
  • In some cases, bigger screen.
  • Higher Graphics and Processor availability.
  • Multitasking at the fingertips on a laptop.

How is an iPad Pro Similar to a Laptop?

iPad Pro has got more similarities than the number of differences from laptops. Better performance with easy access to available features is some important similarities. (Answer to the question- When Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop?)

How is an iPad Pro Different From a Laptop?

Storage is a long-standing matter of concern when it comes to iPad. The amount of storage that Apple iPads offers is cumbersome. Subsequently, it results in the installation of very few software or games. Moreover, the message that your storage is running out would become quite irritating. (Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop?)

Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop


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Table of Similarities & Differences Between iPad Pro & Laptop

Similarities Differences
Software CompatibilityStorage
PeripheralsBattery life
Stylus and TouchscreenDisplay
Screen SizeEase of access
Table of Similarities & Differences Between iPad Pro & a Laptop

7 Ways to Use Your iPad Pro as a Laptop Replacement

Before diving into the ways to use your iPad as a laptop replacement, you should first consider the things a laptop has that an iPad lacks. Where example, a laptop has a pre-installed keyboard and trackpad. Therefore we can use peripherals by connecting them to the iPad. Similarly, the iPad Pro can be used as a laptop replacement in the following seven ways. (Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop?)

  1. Using peripherals such as a Magic keyboard, mouse, or trackpad.
  2. An iPad stand or iPad case can make a huge difference while using. Since the case makes it easy to hold the iPad at a specific angle preventing extra effort from our side.
  3. USB C hub can make the iPad pro more portable. Subsequently, you can use the USB type C ports to connect the iPad Pro to multiple devices such as external hard drives, monitors, etc. (Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop?)
  4. Learning keyboard shortcuts can make a significant difference in improving the usage of the iPad as a laptop. Basic functions such as copy and paste can become a tedious process without the use of shortcuts.
  5. Use the file manager app on the iPad as your file app (on the laptop) to browse through multiple folders. Here you can easily move any folder to a specific location of your choice.
  6. Replace the Google apps with the Apple App Store apps. For example, you can use the Apple Safari app as a browser instead of Google Chrome on the iPad.
  7. Connect your iPad with external monitors to view content on a large screen. moreover, you can use the external monitor as an extension of the iPad screen. (Answer to the question- When Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop?)

This was the end of the article- Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop? 7 Best Reasons to Justify! I hope it was helpful in solving your questions.

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