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7 Shocking Reasons- Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

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Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

Everyone dreams to own a high-end gaming laptop with great graphics, super display, and RGB all over. But the biggest problem that keeps us from buying those gaming machines is their inflated prices. This makes us wonder- Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

Answer to this Question- why are gaming laptops so expensive? lies in the question itself. Shocking isn’t it? The word gaming has all the weight and is the prime cause of their high prices. You may question how can word such as gaming make laptop prices go from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Out of all the factors that make a gaming laptop so expensive the crucial factor is the costly components that it is packed with! This was just a single factor out of many factors responsible for the overpricing of gaming laptops!

After doing a bulk load of research and experimenting ourselves we finally narrowed down to 7 pivotal factors responsible for making gaming laptops so expensive! These are mentioned below in much greater detail. I hope you find your answer in the upcoming article- Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

7 Reasons- Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

1. Superior PC Components

As mentioned above this is the primary cause for inflating the prices of gaming laptops. The cost of each component is higher Compared to normal office laptops.

This factor contributes about 85% to- Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

Since high-end games consume a lot of memory and power, these Gaming laptops have better processors and graphics cards.

  • The higher the graphics card or processor, more will be the price of your gaming laptop.

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2. Warranty & Support from the Manufacturer

The warranty and the support that the manufacturer company offers are quite appreciable. In situations where our laptop freezes or crashes, support can be of true help.

  • Though this is a minor factor that contributes to the overpricing of the laptop, it is still an important factor!
  • This factor contributes about 5 to 10% to- Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive

3. Powerful Battery

AAA title games such as Cyberpunk 2077, DOOM Eternal, Far Cry 6, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Call of Duty- War Zone, Assassins Creed: Valhalla, GTA 5, etc., demand a heavy power supply. To fulfill this demand gaming laptops are equipped with high-profile batteries.

  • Playing on the battery can drain the battery very quickly, therefore it is recommended to play while the laptop is plugged in.
  • No matter how expensive your gaming laptop is, its battery won’t be able to last for more than a couple of hours of gaming.
  • But if you intend to watch movies, surf the browser, or explore the laptop, then the battery will last much longer.

Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive

4. All-in-one Package

There is a huge difference between a personal computer and a gaming laptop. This can be seen in both, Price as well as Performance.

Gaming PCs are pretty expensive compared to a gaming laptop. Moreover, you have to spend money on buying the peripherals for your gaming setup.

A gaming laptop is an all-in-one package with a high refresh rate display, a trackpad, and a keyboard. This saves a lot of money that you otherwise would have to pay!

This factor contributes about 45% to- Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

5. Better Thermal Cooling to Avoid Overheating

The design of a gaming laptop is in such a way that it has better heat outflow. This is needed to avoid overheating the processors and other components while gaming.

Moreover, most gaming laptops now come with an adjustable cooling system! Wherein you can control the fan speed, boost the fans or overclock the processors!

If you have ever seen a PC build then you can appreciate that an external cooler is required to maintain the temperature of the CPU and other components low. This can cost anywhere between $100 to $200.

  • Since the manufacturer well looks at the thermal cooling we don’t have to worry about installing any other external cooler.
  • This saves us the money that we would have spent otherwise. This is well compensated in designing and manufacturing your gaming laptop’s thermal cooling system.

6. Higher Graphics Card & Processor

This is the second most important factor to make gaming laptops so expensive. The latest generation graphics card costs a lot. The same is the case with the latest generations of Intel and AMD processors.

The pricing of the GeForce RTX 30 series of graphics cards starts from $350 and can go to thousands of dollars. This in turn impacts the pricing of gaming laptops.

  • Gaming requires high-end graphics cards to fetch higher refresh rates. Otherwise, playing on a low refresh rate with a lagging experience would be no fun.
  • This is the reason why gaming laptops have high-end graphics cards and the latest generation of processors.
  • Additionally, high-end gaming laptops offer multiple monitor connectivity. The user experience can be smoother only if you opt for a better graphics card and processor as well.

7. Freedom of Customisation & Upgradation

Almost all Gaming laptops have the freedom to upgrade their memory as well as storage space to a great extent. The option to upgrade your PC components in turn increases the price of your gaming laptop.

This factor contributes about 5 to 10% to- Why are Gaming Laptops so Expensive?

  • Most gaming laptops are equipped with a minimum of 8GB of RAM which can be upgraded to a maximum of 32GB of RAM.
  • The same is the case with the storage capacity where we can install an external SSD or a hard drive of compatible form.
  • Moreover, you can buy any part that gets fried up during gaming or while working.

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